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Reptiles are a passion I want to share with everyone.  I provide quality pets and education on proper care for each reptile.  An iguana was my first pet reptile and a ball python was my second (present for my 6th birthday).  Reptiles have been a huge part of my life and still are to this day.  Although not for everybody, they are fascinating creatures and I hope to share their beauty and intrigue with everyone I can.

All ratsfor sale as pet or feeders are produced here, mainly as food for my snake collection.  However due to their fun personalities and cuteness we offer many for sale as pets.

Our Rabbits here are selected for their multi-purpose functions; meat production, show, wool, fur and pet qualities.  All are handled often to help ensure they are friendly and easy to manage.  You’ll fall in love with the Rex just as I have from the moment you pet them! OR you’ll fall in love with our French Angoras!  With their soft wool and easy temperaments falling in love will be easy to do! Plus the added use for meat or spinners using their highly sought after wool.  (All rabbits for sale were bred and raised here.)